Comparative Peer Marking Software

Peer marking is an essential element of project-based learning modules. It improves engagement, gives students their say, identifies non-engaging students and reduces the workload overhead of academics.

project-based learning group of students
comparative peer marking software

Peermarkify offers an alternative take on traditional peer marking. Rather than students attempting to abide by marking criteria, Peermarkify allows them to rank their peers against questions you set. This provides more objective results compared to traditional scoring.

The Reason Ranking Works

Would you be able to determine the temperature of two different objects, just by holding them? What if you were asked which one was hotter? This would be relatively easy and is the principle of comparative judgement.

Lightening the Load

Academics have high workloads and marking is yet another task on the list. Using Peermarkify for peer assessment, you can quickly and easily set up assessments, share with one click, and recieve tabulated scores.

By Academics. For Academics

The challenges of higher education are not lost on us. Admin processes, research, teaching, preparation, committees...the list goes on.

Peermarkify is made by academics experienced in delivering Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate (CDIO) modules. Peermarkify will help you deliver a tech-driven learning experience without the need for Word documents and endless Excel sheets.

Tech-Driven & Efficient

Peer marking assessments can be emailed to students' inboxes and responses can be done online in minutes. No app download required!

Plus, you can upload CSV files of class lists to help further streamline your workflow.

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How It Works

1. Simply create an assessment with as many or as few questions as you like.

project-based learning group of students

2. Add students to teams, either individually or in bulk, by using a class list CSV file.

project-based learning group of students

3. Share assessments with students via email with just one click. Let them rank their peers against your critera.

project-based learning group of students

4. Let Peermarkify collect and determine marks for students. Simply download a class list with marks.

project-based learning group of students